Upholster, restore, and repair, may your furniture shine again

What Can We Offer You?

We are the company with the long-lasting tradition in furniture repair and maintenance. People come to use because we can deliver them great service. You just need to imagine it, and we will make it. We also provide cleaning services, and this has proven to be a crucial thing.Many people don’t know the proper way how to clean their furniture, and they end up running it. The experts of the company will restore the original look of the furniture and give you useful recommendations how to maintain it in the future.

Furniture and upholstery cleaning
Furniture cleaning service

Why Choose Us

Our aim is to clean, protect and preserve your furniture. We are the company that takes a good care of your furniture, and numerous satisfied clients can testify that. Our experts can repair, resize and preserve your furniture and in that process, avoid additional damages.We can offer you great prices, for every piece of furniture you will receive a quote in advance. Besides that, we provide advisory services; here you will meet great people who will give you excellent recommendation and useful information. Our goal is to have long – term and satisfied customers. 

General Tips To Maintain Your Furniture?

When it comes to maintaining of the furniture, many people have troubles understanding what product to use and how to do it properly. We will try to give you a summary.Dust your furniture regularly, for more massive things such as sofas and beds use a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t want to use too aggressive products, soap and water will do just fine. To polish your furniture, you can use a commercial product or basic olive oil. Whatever works for you, both products have the same effect. To keep the shine, you should wipe it regularly and avoid using the products you aren’t familiar with. Because they can damage your furniture and you would either have to replace it or spend a lot of money to restore it.

Furniture cleaning tips

What People Say About Us

  • “This company has made my life much easier.  We have a big family, so we need a lot of furniture. They’ve resized two of my sofas, put new soft covers, and we made a selection of cushions. The job was done within one month, and we are pleased with the results.”

    Christine Garcia


  • “I was lucky to find this company, it was a real pleasure working with them. They’ve restored antique furniture for me, four chairs and one table. I was amazed at their skill, especially since the setting set was a present from my late mother. It was really important for me, keep the original shape, and they’ve delivered that.”

    Catherine Ashton


  • “I am over the moon with this company. With any major repairs and renovations, they are the first on my list. Such a great service and great people to work with. I am thrilled with their shop; they have a wide selection of fabrics and cushions are my weak spot.”

    Alicia Webb


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