Band saw beginner tips and tricks

There is more than one type of saw, and they all have their positives and negatives. When it comes to what they can cut, and at what angle they work, best the hand-held saws are usually the ones to take the top spot.

However, when it comes to safety and the amount of work that a saw can take before it needs to cool off the band saw is definitely the at the top spot. We will be focusing in this article on more about the beginner tips and safety measures that can and should be used on a band saw, however, if you want to just read about our band saw reviews we suggest you skip to that article as here we won’t be mentioning the different brands, just the application of a band saw in home improvement projects.

saw1. What is a band saw?

Band saw is one of the safest and most accurate electric saws that can be bought on the market. It’s perfect for cutting certain shapes and angles into a piece of wood, and as long as the wood is safely maneuvered around the table there is minimal risk of injury while using the band saw.

2. How to properly cut using a band saw?

When cutting with a band saw you will notice that the more comfortable you are with maneuvering the wood around the band saw the easier the cutting process is. Basically, there are two things that will guarantee you a more pro cut with this saw. One is to have the proper blade, and this depends on the material and the strength of the material that you want to cut, and the next one is to learn how to properly position the item you want to cut. This might take some experience and time but eventually, it will become easy and will feel like a knife going through butter.

3. Safety while using the band saw

Even though this saw is one of the safest, you should still consider a few checkups before you start cutting so as to avoid potential injuries. While you might be a veteran user this should also apply to you as you should never forget that this machine is several times more powerful than your average human and can rip through the bone in a matter of seconds.

So, before you start cutting you should always check the blade for any chips, dents and rust issues. If a blade is damaged you should replace it immediately. Next, before you start cutting always wait till the blade gets to its full spinning strength. Cutting a strong material while the blade is spinning up will result in the damage of the blade and in return will result in potential injury.

4. Using the right band saw blades

Using the right blades is very important. While having a smaller blade will make finer cuts, generally, if you are cutting bigger pieces of wood you will need to use bigger blades. make sure to know which blade is used for which type of cutting to proceed with a certainty that you won’t damage the blade in the process.