Outdoor furniture – maintenance and storage during winter months

During the winter months, your patio furniture can be easy damage if you don’t store in properly. Especially if you live in an area which has hot summers, but cold winters. As soon as you notice that days are becoming shorter and air the starts to chill, it’s time to prepare your furniture for the winter. You probably won’t be spending too much time on the patio at that moment, considering that winter is coming. Even if you have a few pieces of furniture, you need to clean it and store it for the next year. Here is what you should do.

Clean the furniture

Cleaning the furnitureIt is probably the most important step before you put it in storage. Moisture and dirt left on the furniture can permanently damage it. Mold and mildew can appear during the winter months. Considering the mold, you would be surprised how quickly this can spread and by the time you need to use the furniture; it will be destroyed completely. You can simply use soap and water to clean any furniture. It doesn’t matter the material of which it was made.

Only the wood has a different treatment, for this occasion, you should use oily soap and water, rinse the furniture and let it dry naturally, in the sun. If you have stained cushions, use baking soda, vinegar, and water to remove them. It is better to work on stains now than to wait until next year.

Coat the furniture

After you finish with the cleaning, it’s time to coat the furniture. It will give it a special glow and keep it in shape for the next summer season. For aluminum or plastic furniture use a car wax, the only thin coat would be enough. For more fragile furniture use paste wax. If you notice any signs of rust, remove them with a wire brush. Use the same shade of color to paint the brushed parts.

Buy covers

Covered furnitureFurniture covers are a great way to protect your furniture additionally. Different kinds of weather elements might have a bad influence on it. Even if you store it in some closed space, such as garage or basement. In this way, you can protect it from dust and humidity. On the market, you can find great models for a reasonable price. Nowadays, you can buy covers for almost anything; they are specially made for chairs, sofas, and tables.

Store it carefully

Once you performed all the steps from above, it’s time to store your furniture and prepare it for the next year. Try to use some place where there is no humidity and where the furniture won’t get on your way. Depending on the size, you can put it in a garage or a basement. Just make sure not to break anything while you lock it away. With fully cleaned and coated furniture, you won’t have a need to buy a new one for years because this one will last you.