Restoration and repair of the vintage furniture

We are a company that services and repairs all kinds of furniture. This means that we will take any piece you want and restore it to its original look. The only thing we avoid is the repair of very cheap pieces whose build quality isn’t up to the standard.

We also accept restoration jobs of vintage pieces, something that not many companies will undertake. Those that are willing to commit to those jobs specialize in it, and the price for which they will do it is usually outrageous. We aren’t like that as we will restore any piece of furniture you want. The cost of the work depends on the quality of the element and the extent of the work that is required.

Know the value of your furniture

You must find the worth of the element you want restored to avoid overpaying for its restoration. That is also the thing we do. We research the pieces we receive, and we use that to find out everything about them. This, coupled with inspection of the element tells us how much we will have to invest to restore it. If the price of restoration exceeds the amount client is willing to pay, then the process won’t happen. We also aren’t ready to take on jobs that would require us to restore cheap elements.

Every restoration needs a budget, and it would be smart for you to make one. The budget of a repair shouldn’t exceed the full price of the furniture piece. But this doesn’t mean that we will take on the job just because your budget is at the cost of the original. We inspect the piece and determine the amount it will take for its restoration. If that amount exceeds your budget, then we won’t be able to do it as it won’t make us any profit.

The finishing touches are the hardest part of the whole restoration

The finishing touches round-up the entire process of repair and they can either make or destroy the final product. This part of the entire process determines how the element will look and you might not find it as cool and beautiful as you thought. It might turn out different than you imagine and that means you just wasted a lot of money on something that doesn’t look good in your house. The best way to avoid this is to check the original look of the element and see whether it will fit in with other pieces in your room.

We also offer another option to those that find the original look too off-putting, but they still like the design. We can change the finishing color of the piece or add several different colors to improve the overall look of that piece. This will reduce the price of the same and thus you should avoid it if you think that you might sell it in the future. But if you want a piece to fit in with other elements in your house then choose a style and colors, and we will do it.