4 best household items for maintaining the furniture

Your favorite pieces of furniture are probably the ones which are the most used objects in your house. Such a favorite chair, or place on the sofa. Many people use too aggressive products to clean and maintain the furniture. It is not good, especially if you have small children. They can cause skin irritation or respiratory problems. Most of you probably didn’t know that you can use some household items to clean and maintain the furniture. We are going to give the list and the instructions who to use them.maintaining the furniture

Olive oil

You probably use olive oil every day when you are making meals. But, what you didn’t know, part of being healthy for your body, this is a great wood polish. You just need a small amount of this, bring back the shine to your furniture. If you have some old wooden furniture, olive oil will make it shine line new. Just rub it few times, and it will be good as new.

Shoe polish

If you are out of olive oil, the shoe polish will make wonders on your furniture. You can use it as polish as well. Since it comes in solid condition, you need to put it some warm place to become softer. In this way, you can spread it more easily. Then use a soft cloth to brush your furniture. It will make your wooden furniture to pop out. After you finished with a polish, use another cloth mildly brush the furniture and to remove the excess. Use lighter brown shoe polish for similar colored furniture and darker furniture use darker polish.

Rubber glovesMayonnaise

You never thought that mayonnaise could help with the furniture cleaning, but it’s true. If you see water rings on your wooden table, just use mayonnaise. Put a small amount of mayo on a soft cloth to put it onto a water mark. The next day, use another soft cloth to remove the execs of mayo and together, the water ring.

Rubber gloves

We all know that rubber gloves are connected to cleaning, they keep our hands protected and safe. But, did you know you can use rubber gloves to pick up your pat’s hair from the furniture? It may seem like an unusual method of cleaning, but it will save you a lot of time. No vacuum cleaner can remove all pet’s hair, especially from your sofa and chairs. You just need to put the gloves on and start with the rubbing and hair will collect in small balls and then you can just pick them up and throw them away.